Affordable and fast made App for your Business!

Perfect design

All needed tools to locate your Business

Fully Integrated Ordering System

Unlimited features

Social Media Integrated

Premium Support


Get your own mobile App for only 500 pounds!


We will build your App within few weeks.


on all Android Devices


on all Apple Devices

Still not convinced?

We will help you to make right decision.

Just order a completely FREE demo of your own App.

All we need is the details and graphics you would like to place in your App.

Give us instructions and ask questions – it doesn’t cost anything!

Your free demo will be ready within 2 working days!

You don’t need to sign or download anything – you’ll receive your unique code to preview your app through the website / or download our RizApps Preview to see the results on any iOS/Android device.

Why Choose Us

Saves Your Time & Money

With our Apps you can include all the information you want, providing photos and detailed menus, even recommendations and ratings from satisfied customers who can share their reviews on Twitter, FaceBook and other Social Media. Include push notifications and save yourself a small fortune on text messages – able to notify anyone with your app installed without incurring SMS charges.

Beautifull Design

Our graphic designers are working for you!

App Previewer

You can check the progress of your App easily by downloading our App Preview by your device or check it trough the website. All clients gets unique code to their Apps which can be used to preview unpublished yet App.


Our Support won’t leave you without the help – send us an email – or call our office on:



Behind The App



CEO & Founder



IOS & Android Developers Manager



UI & App Project Manager



National Sales & Customer Relationship Manager



Marketing & PR Manager



App & Terminals Integration Manager

Get It Now

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Check our Apps on Apple and Google Store now!

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High Quality

Very Flexible

High Speed


Our Skills

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